Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All hails the BEAST a.k.a B2ST from Korea!!!

Hehehe.. Its really, really, really, really been a while since i blog about my favorite Korean artist, Super Junior.. Well, since i came back from Club Med, thanks to Chuck oppa, Sydney, Ilje eoni and Cassie eoni.. My interest for Korean artist has gotten more.. Lately I am so into B2ST.. Especially their leader Yoon Doo Joon..

Tada.. All hails Yoon Doo Joon a.k.a Leader Yoon..

B2ST debut in end of the year 2009.. The were hails as the best idol group as all of the mebers were once debuted and had alot of experience.. Although they are still a rookie.. But trust me, their experience are no joke eh..

I am so bias with their leader Yoon. I cant even stand if there is a scandal between him and other artist.. heheheh.. Guest i am hardcore fan?? Dont think so...

Heck.. Life's sucks..

Well, its has another 'a while' i didnt update my blog.. Thought to let it go just like that.. But to think about it.. I dont really have other places to let out my feelings that buried deep in my hearts.. My thoughts and opinions.. Or a place for me to train my typing skills other than chatting on MSN with the one and only chatting friend, Sydney Hiew. I cant say that i am full of emotions right now. To the tell you the truth, its already been a months since i am unemployed. My previous employment was with a tour company.. Everything was fine at the first place.. Until one day, i decided to send a resume to event management company.. I had no idea how did my manager found out about that and I was told that to terminate my service. I feel like i a victim in this case.. Geezz. Life is hard.. Now currently i am looking for job.. Its hard to look for job.. Although everybody has been consoling me by saying there is a sea of opportunity outside. But *sigh*.. It could be done if you had the will and trust. But me, i dont have the will at all to look for job. What is happening to me?? Dont i deserved a beat, punishment or hitting?? I feel so ashamed of myself.. Speaking of Club Med, its not a place for you to work forever there, although someone you cherish is there. If your love a re strong enough, even if you are miles away, your love will never fade away.. Call me lame.. But thats me.. After this, I determined to work hard in looking for jobs.. Hwaiting Carol..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dead at Words..

How long has it been?? Its been quit a time.. Looks like im dead at words again.. In the blink of an eye, i have now stop working for Club med almost 3 months. I am starting in a new in job in KL.. Well, its hard at first.. But now, im getting used to it. Life is like that, tied up to a word name commitment. I'm working for a travel agency in Midvalley City.. Well, although there are times i wanted to quit.. But that is life.. You have to learn on how to survive..

Well, back to my own private life. I left Club Med, so as my memories.. At first it was tough.. I dont get to used to the life of getting up like a routine.. Wake up go to work, eat, sleep and wake up and back to work again. Just so not challenging.. So, i decided to resign. Although i haven't found any job yet. How stupid am i?? Could just have stay there and work. Now, again.. Jobless at home looking for job. Might as well go back to CM.. Lol.. Suicide.. Just passed my 21st birthday with no solid resolutions. Just some freaking foolish resolutions, which is to get a boyfriend. How stupid.. How naive.. I dont know what to do with my life now.. Sounds so pathetic. In the end i feel like I will be going back to CM to work. Which i think will not work in long terms. Geez...

Please.. I really need some luck.. Or perhaps me myself dont work hard enough to look for jobs.. Come on Carol.. Buckle up.. U r 21 now.. No longer 20.. geez.. Stop thinking on playing now... Be serious.. Think of your family..

Friday, February 19, 2010

A good old day..

it was another tiring day.. lots and lots children coming.. But soon, number of guest with be decreasing and who knows i had to go back early and go back to my good old days of activitIes.. I love working here.. Its my place.. last time i used to wanted to go so much to work in passworld... But now i have to think twice.. Working in passworld is so totally different.. Time pass by so slow... Things are too flexible.. And too bored.. and those children doesnt want to go anyway.. Jus wanted to stay in pass wolrd.. So bored...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So blessed..

He is known as the mighty man and the tallest person in here.. His voice is so charming that melts every girls heart.. But no one knows the sweet side of him. Having to be sleepy, he fell asleep on my shoulder at a saloon while waiting for a friend of us.. He was so sleepy that he doesnt care about the surroundings and just sleep on my shoulder with everybody looking at us.. With his hand tightly arm around his body, he feel asleep for half and hour.. I look at his face.. It was like a little child sleeping.. Not the guy that i know who is very tall, charming, mature and cool.. He was a little child to me at the time..

On the way back in the, he fell asleep again.. This time on my lap.. he has this little children throwing tantrum attitude to me just because he want to sleep.. Seeing him cutely throwing tantrum, i lose to him and just let him sleep on my lap.. I stroked his hair and was thinking that his hair is growing long. I remember the last time he cut his hair was with me in a saloon.. How cute he is when he is sleeping.. Looking innocently.. I was asleep when we reached our destination.. He wake me up by stroking my hair and my face.. So sweet of him.. I am so blessed for having the chance to be by his side...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

to regret or not to regret??

to regret or not to regret?? Well, it doesnt matter now becoz im already at airport waiting for my flight to kuantan.. So lets say if i am to regret by now also its already too late.. Hehe.. Well, my feelings right now?? Sad and happy.. sad becoz im leaving kl and for not celebrating CNY with family but happy because i will get to meet my fellow friends in Club Med.. And this will be the first time i celebrated it away from my family.. And it is not easy though.. Hope i will have fun in Club Med..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strangest dream i've ever had..

Really.. It was the strangest dream i ever had.. And i dont know why.. It still giving me a goosebumps till now.. It was around 10AM that i went back to sleep.. As i slept quit late yesterday so of course im gonna be tired.. Lol.. Gooshh.. Later do i realized i start to dream about him.. I dream about him getting married... GOD.. i was so mad.. And yet jealous of course.. In reality we clear things up and remained good friends, but why do i feel like i still has feelings for him?? Ohh.. GOD.. The dream was so true..

I dream about him getting married with a girl with long hair.. Average face.. Tall.. Just like him.. And i was invited to their wedding.. Along with my late mother.. Goosshh.. (Bonus: i dream about him and my late mother..) I was so mad with them but i couldnt do anything.. All i can do is just wish them happiness ever after.. I was invited to their 3 wedding invitation. Lots of things going around before his wedding.. (my dream is crazy..) They even make a recording about their wedding and broadcast it on tv.. (typical ****A country people weddings..) To makes things worse, as i am his friend, he specially booked my room just next to the bride's and groom room.. WTF!!!! Gooshhh.. The dream was so real.. Gooshh... It make me more tired after dreaming it..

But in reality, we are friends... Now.. We clear things up and decided to remained friends.. We are good friend now.. But how come i feel like i still had the feelings for him?? It shouldnt be as now we didnt meet each other for few weeks.. (But im going to meet him soon again..) It was hard at first when we decided to be friends, but later do i realized we are more comfortable in becoming friends than becoming someone special to each other.. We talked more than usual, we are closer than usual.. maybe because the situation is awkward for us.. But anyway, dream is just a dream.. After i woke up, although its still fresh in my mind but i'll try to forget it.. Continuing with my daily life..

Mental Note to myself: Never go back to sleep after 10am..